Our carbon footprint is important to us. We are taking small steps towards providing a more sustainable online shopping option to help you feel good about your purchase while helping the wellness of our beautiful planet.

  • Our mailers are made using 100% recycled + 50% post-consumer materials. They are reusable by containing two adhesive strips - simply peel off the cover on the unused adhesive strip and reuse the mailer for any of your shipping needs
  • If you do not wish to reuse our mailers, they are also recyclable in your local soft plastic recycling program (not curbside friendly). Don't forget to peel off the stickers/labels before recycling!
  • Our stickers are Greenguard certified, meaning they are made using inks, coatings, and stock that meet rigorous chemical emissions standards which helps to reduce air pollution
  • Our tissue paper is made using 100% recycled + 20% post-consumer materials. It is curbside recycling friendly and compostable. Don't forget to peel off the sticker first!
  • All of the paper products in every I + L order are curbside recycling friendly