Hey! I'm Kara. A mom of two toddlers, a lover of humour, and the owner of INDI + LOU Boutique - an online Canadian boutique curated with high quality clothes for powerful women.

When we hear the phrase "retail therapy", we often think of shopping as a quick fix to solve our problems. But what if we changed that narrative? 

What if, instead, you think of retail therapy as exactly that - thoughtfully and intentionally purchasing or styling pieces as a form of healing. Using an article of clothing to help you overcome the limiting beliefs you may have over your true identity.

To me, clothing isn't meant to just be "clothes". Your style is an important expression of who you truly are on the inside and it's a way for you to feel empowered. When was the last time you put something on your body and felt good? I mean, really good? But then changed into something "safe" in fear of being judged? Or because it wasn't recommended for your "body type"?

Well, I'm here to change that. I'm here to be your hype girl and tell you to stop giving a shit about what people think of your outfit. Instead, challenge the status quo and listen to your intuition. The next time you put on an outfit, pay attention to the first thing you feel. Do you feel good in it? Do you feel confident? That inner voice (aka the devil on your shoulder, aka fear) is going to tell you you can't wear that. Ignore that voice and focus on that initial gut feeling. If it was good, then FREAKING WEAR THE OUTFIT. Yes, I'm yelling for the people in the back.

The fear of judgement is no longer necessary in your life. Style yourself the way you like and OWN it, girl.

You deserve this.