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Lila Bracelet

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A beautiful, solid chain bracelet that is balanced perfectly between feminine and masculine. With a nice heavy weight we love the simplicity and clean lines of this bracelet. A piece for every day and everyone.

2.3mm Curb Chain Bracelet

Heavy Weight

Lobster Clasp

14k Gold Filled


About Lisbeth Jewelry

Sophie Alden created Lisbeth out of her passion for design and desire to create pieces that were missing from her personal wardrobe. Originally from Vancouver, Sophie now designs the collections in Toronto where the pieces are either hand made in the studio or produced by small family run companies. Lisbeth evokes an air of modern simplicity: the designs are minimal, timeless and designed to be lived in with each collection being built upon the last. Sophie very much designs Lisbeth with the same intention as she lives her life- minimally, simply, thoughtfully.

Why choose Lisbeth?

Aside from Sophie designing and creating each piece in her studio, all of the Lisbeth pieces are gold filled as opposed to plated, meaning there are multiple layers of gold used. Basically, your jewelry will last much longer and will be much harder to tarnish (think gold rubbing off) than its gold plated counterpart. It's the closest you can get to solid gold without the product being crazy expensive. Additionally, as the metals used are nickel-free, you can wear the jewelry comfortably knowing it won't react poorly with your skin. Say goodbye to earrings that hurt!

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